The Company

In business since 1992, Decision Point Associates, Inc., (DPA) is a global leader in hazard recognition services. DPA has conducted Hazard Recognition Plus™ (HRP) training and field coaching in more than a dozen countries for numerous multi-national companies. In total, DPA has brought the HRP System to over 100,000 workers around the world. DPA’s team members represent a variety of skill sets including safety engineering, risk analysis, leadership consultation, training, and technical writing. DPA prides itself in offering the highest quality hazard recognition services in the world. We constantly evolve and improve HRP to contribute positive culture changes in alignment with our client’s incident prevention journey.


For two decades HRP has provided companies around the world with solid hazard recognition training and support. At the core of HRP is the energy octagon that is familiar to thousands of people. In Spring 2015, we announced an updated version of the energy octagon that can be used in many creative ways to help develop global workforce hazard recognition knowledge and competency. The energy categories are the same – only the look has changed.