Since 1992, Decision Point Associates has evolved to provide a culture-changing process rooted in science, engineering, and art.  The science is energy-based hazard recognition. The engineering is simple, structured, and proven questions to discover and manage hazards.  The art is leading and communicating with others to imagine what could happen and supporting how to avoid harmful events.  Developed with extensive research in the mid-1990’s on Alaska’s North Slope, the Hazard Recognition Plus™ (HRP) Thought Process has evolved, grown, and become integrated into many organizations’ operational systems.  Our HRP Energy Octagon is the original, simple, worker-oriented workplace energy-based hazard recognition model that has become a model that others follow.


“It’s not all about profits and legal issues…we have a responsibility to provide an environment that we would be glad our kids work in. Someday they might.”

Understanding why “hazard recognition” is so important is simple, deep, and meaningful. Our core value is caring that all of humanity around the globe live, work, grow, and prosper positively in safe places to reach their full potential. Caring for the environment we all live in and the businesses we need to help us succeed, are vital investments for everyone’s future.


Sharing what creates a hazard can take the mystery out of hazard recognition and help people make informed decisions about the risks they face – and that is a worthwhile pursuit.

We learned many years ago what creates hazards and how to recognize, evaluate, and manage them effectively. As a group of dedicated professionals, it is our responsibility to share this knowledge in a way that helps others learn how to prevent harmful events at work, home, and play. It is vital for us to share what creates a long-term solution that builds a strong safety culture and not just a short-term training or ad hoc program.

Our process shares why energy-based hazard recognition is a game-changer. If we risk daring to challenge the mainstream of safety thinking, we just might find a fork in the road with a more reliable pathway.


Our life’s work is daring to challenge safety professionals, managers, union and business leaders, engineers, human resources personnel, and front-line workers to look across a gap of knowledge that is a universally accepted myth — the widely-held assumption that everyone knows what a hazard is…after-all it is “something that can cause harm….right?”

Our approach dares to define a hazard based on the potential for energy to cause harm. We dare leaders to accept their role in creating a safe work environment, educate themselves and others in effective energy-based hazard recognition, and develop leadership competencies to make a difference in what we call the HRP Journey. The bottom-line is related to “what is a worker going to do next?” and “are they prepared?”


Whether it is for physical personal health and safety, creating a safe psychological workspace, environmental preservation, asset protection, process safety, or business sustainability, Hazard Recognition Plus™ and its companion Safety Leadership Plus™ just might be a journey worth taking for your organization. Touching hundreds of thousands of people in over 20 countries through thousands of workshops and consultative services, the HRP Journey has made a difference.

We care and are ready to share our knowledge and experience. Are you ready to dare yourself to embark on the HRP Journey that can lead you to success?

Contact us to start your HRP Journey and find out how it can make a difference!

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