Our Process 2021
Your Decision Point: Embarking on the Journey

We get to know you, share our story, and explore possibilities to meet your needs.

Once initial contact is made, we continue the conversation through phone calls, emails, a webinar, and/or an in-person visit at your site.  We listen to your situation, share our story, sort opportunities to form meaningful outcomes, and collaborate to determine how our process can transform your organization with truly effective hazard recognition. 

Your Starting Point
Fine-tuning expectations requires a vital exchange of information.

We request specific information to allow us to learn your system elements and safety and operational viewpoints of employees and leaders. Formal and informal surveys can be conducted to gain insights from the organization depending upon the strategy for the Journey.

Our goal is to design our services to address your unique operational, health, safety, and environmental situation so that we work as a team to optimize the steps on your HRP Journey.

Your Fork in the Road
Leadership alignment is the key to success for the HRP Journey.

Presentations and workshops with leaders at all levels of the organization provide a roadmap for the HRP Journey.

These presentations and workshops can include: A Leadership Overview to assess process and commitment; Alignment to integrate with operations to optimize expected outcomes; Safety Leadership Plus™ to create a roadmap for people to gain leadership skills.

Your Compass
“It’s so simple its profound” – VP of Production – Major Oil and Gas Company

HRP takes the mystery out of hazards with a universal language of energy-based hazard recognition. People learn the HRP Thought Process and gain competence in fact-based risk conversations centered around how to safely manage energy for the smooth performance of work.

A logical sequence of workshops, training sessions, and field coaching is designed to embed the HRP Thought Process into your daily lives.
Spanning a few weeks to a few months the educational process is focused on direct implementation in job planning and work activities.

Your Journey Continues
When people experience value, sustainability gains its own traction.

The most important investments for sustainability include continued socialization, integration, modification, and continuous improvement.

Your leadership and workforce need to nurture the use of HRP so it can thrive and remain fresh; embed the HRP Thought Process into operational systems to create a positive culture of safety; modifications to use HRP in different ways are embraced openly, and adjustments to meet new needs are made with clear expectations.

Join the thousands of people around the globe that have found the Decision Point “Plus” in advancing their people’s knowledge, skills, and adaptive practices to lead their organization to recognize, evaluate, and manage hazards in an entirely new way. The HRP Thought Process – a process that works!

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