A Special Announcement

to Decision Point Associates’ Clients and Vendors:

We are announcing an exciting and important development in the Hazard Recognition Plus™ (HRP) Journey.  Decision Point Associates (DPA) is transitioning the ownership of HRP to HSE Global – a leader in health, safety, and environmental services.  The combination of HRP and innovative health, safety, and environmental service offerings from HSE Global will provide a unique and beneficial platform of services for the industrial work world.  We will be providing specific information about those services in coming months. 

In the meantime, we are proud to let you know that the HRP team you have been working with will continue to provide you support, service, and HRP related communications.  Ann Lindsey, previously the VP of Operations for DPA, is the new Managing Director of HSE Global US and will lead the way for HRP’s continued journey with all our clients.  Alison Rico, previously Operations Manager for DPA, will continue her valued role in communications, technical support, and product enhancements as the Operations Manager for HSE Global US. With the guidance and insight of Ben Wilson, Managing Director of HSE Global, and their team of HSE experts, I believe you will find new and inspiring opportunities to make a difference in the safety, health, and environmental investments within your companies.

My personal relationship with you through our engagement and evolution with HRP has been a privilege and a pleasure.  With the help of a few key knowledge experts over 25 years ago, I developed the core of this game-changing thought process for recognizing and managing hazards.  While we in the safety profession rarely know when our efforts make a difference in the prevention of a specific harmful incident – the feedback from countless clients about the value of HRP reinforces my belief that we have helped others reduce risk and improve lives around the globe.  My personal career has spanned over 43 years and it is time for me to step toward retirement and spend more time with family.  Having said that, I will continue to support the HRP Journey including facilitation of selected training sessions and subject matter expertise for the next year.  I look forward to conversations with each of you as time permits in your busy lives.

A very important part of this transition is to help you – the users of HRP – maintain confidence that the process, methods, and support for HRP will continue without disruption.  The HRP contracts, licenses, and commercial aspects of HRP will, with your interaction and support, transfer to HSE Global. The team of people at HSE Global and DPA will do everything possible to make this transfer as easy and seamless as possible for you and your company.

Looking to the future, I believe you will find new opportunities for safety success with HSE Global’s passion for family, leading the way, and thinking sustainably.  The alignment with HRP could not be in better hands.


Michael A. Fleming, MBA, CSP

President / Decision Point Associates, Inc.   

HSE Global US Contact Information:

Contact:  Alison Rico, Operations Manager
Email:  alison.rico@hseglobal.us
Office Phone: 520-385-5838
Toll-free General Business:  888-970-8533
HSE Global Website:  www.hseglobal.com
Business Address:
HSE Global US, Inc.
8005 Schoon St., Suite 100
Anchorage, AK  99518