HRP Products and Services

Initial Workshops and Sessions

This session provides an executive overview of the HRP Process for the client senior leadership team, review of the HRP Questionnaire (a survey sent to selected client personnel), implementation discussion/decisions using the HRP Implementation Guide, and consultation regarding alignment of the HRP Process for the client’s operations and HSE management system elements.

This session normally requires 4 hours and could be up to 8 hours depending on client needs and inclusion of different parts of the company in staged meetings.

This 2-3 day personnel development workshop is designed to help the client organization embed incident prevention as a core value with clear and unambiguous leader actions. This workshop is ideal for management, supervision, and technical/unit leads at all levels of the organization. Included are: 1) HRP Foundation Class;

2) Leader roles in implementation and sustainability of HRP;

3) The language of HRP and coaching principles for effective use of HRP;

4) Principles of leadership to advance safety performance; and

5) Individual action plans for first year of HRP implementation.  Individual and group action plans aligned with the client company, facility, or department needs to provide strong support for the daily use of HRP and longevity of the process are included. Requires senior management engagement and support of the action plans. 

Follow-up 6 months out from each Workshop conducted at selected HRP Consultation day rates.

Advanced Workshops

This 2-day workshop certifies successful participants for two years to coach the HRP Thought Process in the field with fellow employees at the locations for which an HRP Site License Agreement is in place. The HRP CW includes classroom training sessions and field practice with HRP methodology tailored to meet the client’s needs. Field-relevant leadership scenarios and client specific HRP-JSA or equivalent job planning instruction are included. DPA’s HRP Coach Tracker spreadsheet is provided for clients to maintain observation and support of HRP Coach activities.

NOTE: DPA recommends 15 % of the workforce be trained as HRP Coaches to ensure minimal coverage on a daily basis. It is also recommended that the client consider inclusion of HRP Trainers in an HRP Coach Workshop.


This workshop certifies successful participants for two years to deliver the HRP Foundation Class for employees at locations for which an HRP Site License Agreement is in place and with requests for submittal to DPA of training class evaluations for classes conducted by the HRP Certified Trainers.. It provides an overview and technical basis of HRP, instruction and guidance on delivery of the HRP Foundation Class, relevant activity sets, classroom presentation practice/feedback for participants (trainers) on the HRP Foundation Class

This workshop provides an effective method to include HRP Trainers in the HRP Coach Workshop without duplicating participation in several elements contained in each workshop. The workshop includes the same HRP Foundation Class provided in both the HRP Trainer Workshop and the HRP Coach Workshop. Trainer activities and requirements are included along with field practice and orientation in the HRP Coaching process.

This workshop certifies successful participants in the application of HRP for design and redesign considerations for facilities, work environments, and job stations. The HRP PtD Workshop provides participants with a structured approach to identify future risk (hazards) using HRP along with a set of guide questions for each life cycle of a project geared toward the collection of information from end-users (operations, maintenance, technicians, safety). An overview of ANSI/ASSE Z590 – Prevention through Design is used to assist participants in comprehending a sustainable process for incorporation into capital projects and future management of change opportunities.

Enterprise and Global Solutions

This multi-step process is designed to certify client HRP Super Coaches to conduct HRP Foundation Classes, HRP Thought Process Classes, and HRP Coach Workshops. The HRP Super Coach Certification Process provides a more efficient and cost-effective approach for full use of HRP through an economy of scale service. The Process requires an HRP Trainer/Coach Combination Workshop followed by field demonstration and communication of progress by candidates to DPA Master Facilitators. Once the field demonstration/practice is completed the candidates participate in a multi-day HRP Super Coach Certification Session to demonstrate HRP competence.

Review / Recertification

Annual review of how well HRP is being utilized for clients that have engaged in a two+-year service contract. Provides insights into specific HRP milestones and improvement opportunities. Results in next phase or next year goals and service considerations.

This recertification workshop provides a refresher on HRP Foundation Class training, HRP Foundation Class updates (electronic presentation file and supporting documents). Recertification is for two years.


This recertification workshop provides a refresher on HRP Thought Process and client specific use of HRP. Coaching challenges unique to the client experience are explored and support provided for how HRP Coaches can continue to implement HRP. Recertification is for two years.