Journey to Excellence

Decision Point Associates, Inc. (DPA) has been providing the Hazard Recognition Plus™ (HRP) Thought Process to clients around the globe since 1995, and is known as the world leader in hazard recognition education.  Beginning with a novel and effective methodology to recognize hazards, DPA has worked with clients to broaden the services in support of the HRP Thought Process and delivers a powerful upgrade to current incident prevention programs.  In and of itself the HRP Thought Process is a powerful incident prevention tool, coupled with an effective HRP Journey it can make a transformative difference in people’s lives and decisions regarding safety.  

 In our experience working with all types of industries, the most successful companies progressed in a journey as laid out below.  Each step is key toward a successful journey of hazard recognition cultural transformation.   However, a company does not have to elect to have each step handled by DPA, as long as the culture and support at the company is such to perform those key steps internally.  As always, DPA looks forward to creating a unique solution and timeline for each of our clients that we serve worldwide.

Alignment  Session(s) – Moving forward with implementation of the HRP Thought Process requires careful consideration of the Client’s organizational culture, challenges, experiences, processes, programs and personnel.  Include decision makers and influencers within the organization, i.e. any bargaining units, supervisors, unit leaders, etc.  Prior to this on-site session, key people will receive a brief questionnaire from DPA.  Onsite, DPA facilitates the session covering the HRP background, and what those in the room expressed were why it is being considered for introduced to the rest of the workforce are developed; who / what positions would be key to develop as Trainers and/or Coaches; as well as the roles individuals will need to take in creating a successful outcome of integrating HRP into the organization’s existing programs.  This session creates alignment from key personnel, prior to even having taken the foundational HRP class.

HRP Client Customization(s) – During the Alignment Session and discussions with senior leadership heading up the HRP integration, a decision is made whether or not customization of the HRP training materials would be desired to indicate energy sources specific to operations of the company (i.e. pictures of your facilities, equipment, and or people).  Sometimes, this makes it easier for employees to relate to the energy sources within the processes of the areas they work.  Some clients choose multiple customizations including insertion of their company logo, when considering different locations with dramatically different processes.  This is truly by Client choice, based upon knowledge of their workforce.

HRP Leadership Workshop(s) – This workshop takes the leadership team of the organization through a foundational class in HRP, giving them a solid understanding of the materials all employees will receive.  DPA then dives deeper into the roles leadership must take to ensure the effective implementation of HRP and the Thought Process.  The workshop covers coaching and management strategies, team building, and the value gained in expressed support of the HRP process among other important leadership topics.  This is key in organizations that have multiple layers of management so that everyone communicates the importance and understands how their contributions are a significant part of achieving a successful outcome.

HRP Trainer Workshop(s) – DPA Master Facilitators take chosen personnel from the Client Organization and develop them into Trainers capable of delivering the HRP Foundation Class to the employees of the organization.  Trainers practice key areas of delivery, and must master the transformational pieces of conveying the process.  Trainers learn instructional methods to ensure the message is getting across, and become a ‘professional guide’ to allow these trainers to ‘facilitate’ their Foundational Classes and gain buy-in from the employees of this process.

DPA led HRP Foundation Class(es) – If elected by Client Organization, DPA facilitates the HRP Foundation Classes.  Sometimes this is a preferred method if an organization wants to move ahead quicker with roll-out of the HRP Thought Process, or would like their senior leaders to receive the training directly from DPA Master Facilitators.

HRP Coach Workshop(s) – Those attending this workshop are the ‘boots on the ground’ coaches ensuring alignment forward in the right direction utilizing the right terminology and application of this thought process. Coaches are instrumental in integrating the HRP Thought Process into the Organizations existing processes / procedures.  DPA Master Facilitators take Client selected personnel through the HRP Foundation Class and then delve into coaching techniques utilizing the five HRP Thought Process questions.  The Coaches are taken into the field to utilize HRP and learn as well as practice coaching to this process.  DPA highly recommends a Client have 10-15% of their workforce as Coaches in the field.

HRP Thought Process Seminar(s) – Clients may opt for the DPA seminar to teach the HRP Thought Process, for those who have not received other training outside of the Foundation Class

Field Verification(s) – DPA Master Facilitator(s) visit chosen location(s) to assess:

  • HRP Foundation Class training by HRP developed trainers ~ ensure transformational
  • HRP Coaches coaching in the field;
  • Safety meeting discussions incorporating HRP;
  • Job planning discussions;
  • Job safety planning processes to ensure alignment with HRP Thought Process.

This field verification hones in on the implementation and integration of HRP within a Client’s existing or improved processes to ensure correct progression and identifies any elements that may need addressing.